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Home FinTech White Label Crypto Payment Gateway An Easy Solution For Startups

White Label Crypto Payment Gateway An Easy Solution For Startups

News sources run segments on crypto, and analysts are paying more attention than ever. It is difficult for hackers to interpret data or transaction.

white label cryptocurrency payment processor

These options help simplify the exchange of cryptocurrencies and eliminate human error. Over 400+ currencies are supported and certain ERC20 and BEP20 tokens. Just like the PTPWallet, our white label is reinforced with industry-leading security, including PIN code and passphrase protection, keeping all transactions safe.

How to Create an ERC20 Token – A Necessary Guide for Startups

You only need an internet connection to accept payments from anywhere in the world. Coinbase Commerce is one of the most used and simplest crypto payment systems, active in over 100 countries. Such a payment gateway prevents fraud and bans suspicious activities. The company provides the Customer Support platform to each White Label Owner. The White Label Owner can provide the Customer Support themselves or transfer the support role to our company.

  • Clients of this provider will get built-in fraud and chargeback prevention software.
  • Exchange services exclusively for businesses, including the best rate crypto (30+) to fiat (20+) operations.
  • Second, since TOR encryption doesn’t allow access to the blockchain nodes, VPN encryption is used here.
  • To increase the number of users on your trading platform, we’ve integrated a referral program.
  • After all, cryptocurrency exchange software is designed to be error-free.
  • Skalex is a German company operating internationally and collaborating with projects from across the globe.

The payment processor can be customized to handle all the payment types like a credit card, debit card, etc. The white-label software is employed and audited according to the latest security standards. The security protocols and processes are constantly enhanced to ensure that sensitive data is safe and secure against all kinds of emerging threats. The B2Core Platform tab now introduces the remarkable Match-Trader section that features a variety of capabilities. Whether you’re looking to establish a demo account for real-time practice trades or efficiently handle deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and internal transfers – you can do this all from there.

Referral Solution

Such as bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, ripple, bitcoin cash, EOS, and other cryptos. It accepts payments in popular cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin as well, such as Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and HCX. The duration of processing a payment is much less than traditional methods, with payouts initiated weekly enabling cash deposit in one’s bank account in a short 5-6 business days. The payments are deposited directly into the user’s bank account which insulates it from the volatility of Bitcoin. Moreover, large volumes of transactions are confirmed in a few minutes with zero risks of a charge back which reduces the chances of online fraud.

Before moving on to the next level, you have all the facts and information you need to develop a functional custom crypto payment gateway. When a customer visits your website or application and uses your platform integrations, the first thing they notice is the design of the user interface / UX. Coinsclone is ready to offer all sorts of premium white-label cryptocurrency payment gateway solutions with state-of-the-art features. We are sovereign in the crypto field when it comes to quality tailor-made solutions. When you get our white-label solution, you can modify the logo, visuals, back-end functionality, front-end themes, UI/UX, and a lot more with ease.

white label cryptocurrency payment processor

PIN Payments allows businesses to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB & PIN – all gas-free. Get your business into the crypto-sphere and start opening up the world of digital payments, through your very own blockchain payment gateway. If you launch a cryptocurrency payment gateway using the white label software, your merchants/users can facilitate online payments using their brand or any other third parties. This solution is utterly optimizable according to your business plan and needs. Crypto payments play a major role in payment gateways and for your business.

By using our best white-label cryptocurrency payment gateway, you can create a stunning crypto payment gateway platform within a week at a moderate cost. As I said earlier, you can create your own cryptocurrency payment gateway using a white label solution. It is a turnkey solution for every startup and entrepreneur because they can save their time and money for the development process. As a startup, you can focus on your business rather than the development process. Even though white label solutions are ready to use, they are already developed, tested, and implemented with prominent features. Here are some of the benefits of using white label solutions.

This point of sale transaction will be helpful to support multi-currency required for the business. If the transactions have to be confirmed by the blockchain, then it may take some time. You can also save these bitcoins in your online wallet so there is no need for an intermediary between the sender and receiver and the transaction is very fast.

Paybito’s White Label Payment Gateway Backed by DeFi Ensures Seamless Crypto Payments

According to the June 2022 PYMNTS report, one-fifth of surveyed consumers admitted to holding any cryptocurrency. It is a significant increase from a year earlier (16% in 2020 vs 23% in 2021). At Learn, our priority white label payment gateway is to provide high quality information. We take our time to identify, research and create educative content that is useful to our readers. There are several ways of solving the exchange liquidity problem.

white label cryptocurrency payment processor

First, many gateways are cloud-hosted, so they have access to your data and must share it with third parties upon official request. Second, even crypto gateways using regular data encryption cannot hide the transaction path, which means that a transaction source can be detected. They are the leading company in terms of white label exchange softwares solutions which includes centralised exchange, decentralised exchange as well as P2P exchange. The white-label cryptocurrency trading platform should be among the safest in the world.

White Label Bitcoin Payment Processor

Financial operations are no longer working the same way they did in the past. Third, as the business is not the software owner, it is impossible to make any customisations to it. All custom requests can be made only via the SaaS company if they agree to them.

Smart Contracts Skalex will help to build custom and advanced smart contracts for your fungible and non-fungible tokens. Dedicated technical support ready to help you at any point of your operation. Process credit card payments like Visa, MasterCard, Amex, … And other alternative payments like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, … Web domain integration is implemented by deploying the Brand Connect docker container into your own hosting environment and pointing your desired custom web domain at it via DNS config.

Then things will turn up for you and you can succeed as a crypto businessman. Hide your wallet location by using the Dark Wing technology. First, VPN muddles blockchain nodes for wallet access, and then, TOR hides its physical location.

How to develop a White Label Crypto Payment Gateway platform?

Coinbase has a merchant application to accept bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment. So that you can convert into your traditional fiat currencies within a minute. Coinbase payment gateway is available only in some countries. So you need to analyze before choosing the coinbase as your crypto payment gateway.

Best Secured Crypto payment gateways in 2023 that you should know!

Your exchange will need a bank account for customers to send funds. You’ll also need a payment gateway to enable real-time payment. A white-label crypto exchange solution is a software developed by a third-party operator. The company buying the software will brand the solution as its own and build on it to fit their needs.

White Label Crypto Payment Gateway software — A Perfect solution

Join a network of current exchanges in order to increase liquidity. Today, we will discuss in depth how to build a white-label bitcoin exchange. Enjoy the privacy of all the transactions by installing BitHide and storing all the transaction data on your private servers. Exchanges allow users to pay online by using credit and debit cards. With our ready-to-deploy Opensea clone script, you can build your ideal P2P NFT marketplace website like OpenSea.

It is B2B product company which provides Blockchain solutions, Cryptocurrency tools and Smart contracts. They offer a set of white label software products that can save up to a year of engineering efforts. The price of your white-label cryptocurrency exchange will depend on the features you choose to include as well as your personal goals and aspirations.

After the huge success of bitcoin, many altcoins are launched in the crypto market. You can buy and sell bitcoins and other altcoins through crypto trading platforms. In-house built fraud and risk management tools tailored to financial institutions and their requirements, enabling you to effectively manage your partner channel. We seamlessly layer additional anti-fraud providers in front of our in-house built technology on demand, building exactly the fraud tool you need for your business. The payment infrastructure is progressive enough and leverages blockchain technology that helps unite businesses and customers in a protected ecosystem.

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